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Alexander Cup

3rd March 2011

Surbiton 7 – 3 South Norwood

Last Thursday, Surbiton played in the Semi-final of the Alexander cup at South Norwood (currently top of Division 2), and came away 7 - 3 winners!!
This means that we are in the final, probably away to either CCF or Redhill (favourites).
On Thursday, this is how we got on individually...
1. Mike Basman  199 -- lost as black vs Yang-Fan Zhou (225). Interesting game that Mike claims he was winning at one point. 2 bishops vs 2 knights, before the 2 knights put on 'badges' and won the position?! Well, that is how Mike Basman put it!!

2. Chris Briscoe 205 -- drew with Marcus Osbourne (204). My opponent played sharply in the opening and won 2 pawns at the cost of development. I was about to get them back when he offered a draw. Thinking about it, the position was unclear, maybe slightly better for me, but could turn. I knew my opponent likes these positions, so I accepted. This was the first game to finish.
3. Edgar Flacker e.190-200 -- got a difficult position against a lower graded, but strong opponent. Recovering from mixing his 2 systems up, Edgar got short of time, and this proved to be the decisive factor in the end, even when his position recovered. His opponent was Ronald Harris (185).

4. Stefano Bruzzi 185 -- White, in a 'play-to-a-finish' match against a tricky junior Tariq Oozeerally (179), Stefano showed why he is a class act in the way he finished his opponent off. In a delicate position, he controlled all tactics regarding his opponent’s counter-play and still left himself able to deliver the final blow against the opponents king. Expertly played!

5. Paul Shepherd 181-- a pawn up in a same - coloured bishop ending, Paul kept it together on the clock and the position to come home. A good achievement, considering he had to re-evaluate how to win a few times during the course of the ending. His opponent was Nikul Sanalkumar (e.160).

6. Ian Henderson 176  -- following a draw on Monday, against a strong Guildford opponent, will have further boosted his confidence with this White win vs junior, Jasdeep Gahir (159). A strong, open queenside attack ending with a nice tactic to force resignation.

7. Angus James 169 -- Black against old adversary, Roy J D Reddin (160), Angus achieved a 'double-barreled shotgun' (tripling on the a-file), well he said something like that in the pub afterward, to put pressure on his opponent, so he could manoeuvre his knight into a winning position. Although his opponent didn't find the 'best' defence, it was awkward for him. The sort of position no one likes to defend...

8. Heiko Cassens 166 -- Didn't see this, this finished quite early, as I was analyzing with Marcus at the time. Apparently it was fairly convincing. Heiko is on form at the moment - Well done! Opponent, Simon D Lea (151)

9. Malcolm Groom 158 -- His opponent, Martin Cath (148) swapped off a lot of pieces, and Malcolm got an early draw. Sensible, no point going for more if you feel it is too risky! (My Marcus game comes to mind!)

10. Rob Harrison 153 -- His opponent, Ken R chamberlain (125), was a bit of a come-down for Rob, after Mike Singleton (175), from Guildford on Monday, but Rob won both games last week! Very, very well done to him!
Subs: Paul Durrant 145 -- didn't play, but served the club very well by turning up, staying, and talking about the game afterward. He was particularly impressed with Stefano's skillful finish in his game. Bought drinks in the cap-in-hand after... !
We had a full team except for Mark Josse, and Nick Pelling and played very well indeed in a match against a South Norwood team, who, their captain, Davis Howes, told me after, were absolutely at full strength, bar Paul Jackson - who is about 150.

Brian Skinner also emailed me saying that the expected score based on ratings was 6 - 4 to Surbiton and we exceeded that - so very well done to all of you who played!

Chris Briscoe  - 7 March 2011


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