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Immortal Games

This new section in our website is designed to showcase some of the best and most entertaining games played by Surbiton players over the years - our Immortal Games!

To select the game of your choice please go to the drop down box above the board below. Further down the page you will find a little summary of each game.

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Game 1 Ashby, A.C. 0 - 1 Pelling, Nick (St.Brides vs Ilford, London League 1985)

First up is a cracker from Nick Pelling from 1985. Although Nick was playing for Ilford at the time we unashamedly claim the game as from one of our own! Commentary is by Nick with the odd addition (in brackets) from your webmaster with lots of help from his silicon friend. There are some lovely tactical variations which are typical of the way Nick plays the game. The game is a salutory lesson as White neglects his development, the centre and king safety in pursuit of material while all of Black's pieces participate in the game. Nick's summary at the end says it all: "Rook, bishop, pawn and queen sacrifices, a Novotony interference and an unusual smothered mate."

Game 2 Spiegel T 0 - 1 James, Angus (Kings Head Major 1996)

Here is a carefree game from Angus. Indeed he puts it himself thus: "I showed a complete lack of caution in this game and certainly felt immortal when playing it. I wish I had as much unrestrained energy today!" Commentary is by Angus with only one significant webmaster silicon induced addition. This game is all about being rewarded for boldness and initiative seeking. White eventually cracks after having to defend his king that had been exposed by a speculative piece sacrifice. A pretty finish at the end by a rook sacrifice drawing the White queen onto the White king's b1 flight square. The game was awarded a tournament best game prize by GM Jon Speelman.

Game 3 Durrant, Paul 1 - 0 IM Crouch, Colin (Thames Valley League 2008)

As we all know Paul is genetically predisposed to sacrificing a pawn in the opening. This game is no different but the queens come off too. With a few tempi in hand Paul developed his pieces, anticipating a knight sac on e5 that his distinguished opponent allowed. Finding the right defence was not easy and proved too much for Black as Paul's pieces circled the Black king, culminating in a very neat tactical sequence that got all the material back plus interest. Commentary is by the webmaster and his evil machine until such time as Paul can chase down the Mushrooms newsletter which contains his notes!

Game 4 Nightingale, Michael 1 - 0 Archer, Paul (Thames Valley Division 1 2011)

Michael's style is very aggressive and he possesses a good tactical eye. In this game he uncorked a very nice double knight sacrifice that stripped away the Black king's defences and, after recovering one piece, Michael enjoyed a long-term attacking initiative as all of his pieces took aim at the Black king which was stuck in the centre. Rejecting simpler continuations Michael kept stoking the fire and eventually played a further bishop sac deflecting the Black queen to allow a checkmate. Commentary is by Michael with just a hint of webmaster silicon in some of the notes.

Game 5 Shepherd, Paul 1 - 0 Morris, David (SCCU Counties Open 2013)

What can I say? Even the webmaster gets lucky occasionally! This game won the Best Game Prize for SCCA county matches in 2013.

Game 6 Gill, Oliver 1 - 0 Gregory, Keith (Hampshire League 2011)

Olli demonstrates that you dont need queens on to go on a serious king hunt. Starting with a nice knight sacrifice Olli kicks his opponent's king around the board while hoovering up several pawns in the process. Eventually his opponent is forced to return the piece, which leaves Olli with a winning ending. Commentary is by Olli with no additions from your webmaster as its all just correct. A very clean game.

Game 7 Korchnoi, Viktor 0 - 1 Stewart, Tony (London Chess Classic Simul 2010)

Tony gets immortal status not only because of the quality of the game he played but also because of the venerableness of his opponent. Twice world title challenger, Viktor Korchnoi, was one of the greats. Ok Viktor was 79 at the time and it was a simul but bear in mind that he was in the top 100 players in the world at the age of 75! To the game: After a slightly slow start Tony starts fighting back by undermining Viktor's central pawn wedge. Suddenly Tony's pieces come to life while Viktor still has not castled. A deep rook manouvre on moves 19-20 tempt Viktor into trapping the rook. However the resulting prepared exchange sacrifice leads to all of Viktor's pieces being reduced to passivity as Tony's pieces pour into the position. A really mature performance against a daunting opponent.

Game 8 Tambini, Jasper 1 - 0 O'Neill, Mark (Surrey Trophy 2019)

Its really nice when you play an attacking game where you throw literally all of the wood you have at your disposal at the opponent's king and you manage to deliver checkmate with a cascade of sacrifices. Jasper managed that in this lovely game which is a good advert for the Spanish opening. This game was deservedly awarded a SCCA Best Game Prize.

Game 9 Alaistar Hill, 0 - 1 Briscoe, Chris (Thames Valley Division 1)

Chris demolishes his top board opponent in a vital gane that led the A team to a win over the reigning champions (Hammersmith)