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The Rookie by Stephen Moss is published

Our very own Stephen Moss, club member, Guardian columnist and dilettante (his word!) has spent three years of research to write his new book, "The Rookie". The book is an exploration of Stephen's quest to rise from chess (and life) mediocrity (his word!) to expertise. It is written in Black and White. Not merely a reference to ink and paper but to the squares of the chessboard, mirrored by the chapters in the book. The White chapters represent inspiring travels and input from masters of the game. The ominously coloured Black chapters represent Stephen's own travails as he seeks enlightment. There is wit and homour in abundance in the book as well as a few uncomfortable references, such as to body odour! The latter might not be representative of the whole chess community but ring disturbing bells when recalling the occasional individual in my own chess playing experience! Where will Stephen's journey end? At the h8 square apparently, which is coloured Black. A grim portent perhaps or maybe a bluff to mask a happy ending?

Want to find out? A much more erudite summary of the book is available from Stephen's publisher, Bloomsbury.

Here is a link to allow you to acquire the book and travel through chess (and life!) with Stephen as your guide.

Stephen would like to hear your views on the book. He encourages you to write a review on Amazon.

Let us remind ourselves of one of the achievements that definitely deserve a White chapter. Stephen's winning of the Surrey Felce Cup. Right, now I'm off to take a bath!