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Our Summer 2015 Celebration

The club's glorious 2014-2015 season deserved a fitting celebration and we got just that on 12th July 2015. Malcolm and Kim Groom very generously hosted us in their beautiful (and vast!) garden. The sun shone down and that made for a spectacular day with club members and their families sharing their food in picnic style.

Amongst the club's achievements were sharing of the Thames Valley Division 1 title for the first time and also winning the Surrey Fred Manning at the first time of entering! All of the players involved in those winning teams were deservedly presented with individual trophies to mark their achievements.

Some of us tried to demonstate our skills at more physical sports, encouraged by the large amount of space available to kick and bat balls around.

For those who wanted an easier pace of action they could follow the lovely trail that Malcolm and Kim had designed which showcased their wonderful garden.

Of course there was also the need to gather up members of the winning teams for some group photos to mark their triumphs. The first team went with a football team style of pose!

We had a great turnout and, on behalf of all of Surbiton Chess Club, I would like to thank Malcolm and Kim for their superb hospitality.