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Carlsen vs Caruana in London - Special Club Night 14th Nov 2018

The match for the World Chess Championship between reigning champion, Magnus Carlsen, and his challenger, Fabiano Caruana, will take place in London between 8th-28th November 2018. Will Magnus, who has a credible claim to be the strongest chess player who ever lived, be able to hang onto his crown against Fabiano, who is on a very rich run of form?

To celebrate London being at the centre of the chess universe during the match Surbiton Chess Club will be holding a special club night from 8-10pm on Wednesday, 14th November 2018. By that time the first four games of the match will be complete. A selection of the highlights from some of these games will be presented at the club for discussion by our members. Nick Pelling will be making a welcome return to our fold to help lead the discussion.

All club members, regardless of playing strength, are invited to attend. One of the rules of the discussion will be that "there are no daft questions" as we want this to be as inclusive a session as possible. This may mean that stronger players may be asked to keep their counsel at times!

Aside from discussing the chess this is also an opportunity for club members who may play in different teams to meet and get to know each other a little more. So this is definitely a social function too. The socialisation will continue at the Coronation Hall afterwards for those who would like to do so.

Hope to see you on the 14th November!