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Surbiton junior members grab three titles at the 2016 British Championships

The 2016 British Chess Championships were held at Bournemouth Pavilion between 23rd July and 6th August.

Congratulations to Surbiton juniors Koby Kalavannan, who won the U-14 British title with 5.5/7 and then jumped up one age group to grab the U-15 British title too with 6/7, and Ranesh Ratnesan, who captured the U-12 British title with a score of 6/7.

Koby (5/11) also featured in the main Championship as one of Surbiton's usual suspects at the British, alongside Steven Jones (6.5/11) and Oliver Gill (5.5/11). Some highlights amongst them were Steven's draw against GM John Emms, Oliver's draw against GM Keith Arkell, win against IM Jack Rudd, draw against IM Dietmar Kolbus and a further couple of draws against 2 FMs and Koby's win (also) against IM Jack Rudd and two draws against FMs.

Ranesh also re-appeared in the Week 2 PM Open and got an impressive, unbeaten, joint second place amongst much higher rated opponents.

Meanwhile Radha Ratnesan made plus scores in both the U-9 (which also featured Hari Stewart (4.5/6)) and U-10 events.

There was also Surbiton interest in the Blitz tournament. Mike Basman was highest from our club with 8/11 with Chris Briscoe (6/11) and Paul Durrant (who told me he only expected to get half a point!) (4.5/11) also featuring.

Great efforts by our Surbiton members at the 2016 British! Well done!